In these ever changing times the need for increased security is at the forefront of everyone's minds. Living in a community as we do, it is essential that we all focus on what's needed to ensure that we live as safely and securely as we can.

This section on the website is intended as a guide to help ensure that we, as residents, live in a safe and secure environment.

DMG Property Management Company:
Cenex House
The Old Bakery
Maidstone Road
TN12 9AB

Tel: 01622 831017

Community Police at Lewisham
P.C. Dan Waller (shoulder number 209) tel number 020 8284 8497/8391
P.C. Hawarth tel number 020 8284 8306
P.C. Greg Poynter (shoulder number 668PL) tel number 020 8284 8497/8391

Lewisham Council
Community safety notification form (please fill this in to report any incidents)

Police Station
Bromley Road
Tel: 020 8695 1212 (24 Hours)

Crimestoppers 0800 555 111

Security Suggestions

1. Get an alarm - ideally with central station monitoring. Can be setup
so downstairs is protected at night while asleep.

2. Window locks - 2 on each opening window in bottom corners. Should be
fitted to all ground floor windows and to easily accessible windows on
upper floors.

3. Window opening restrictors - allow the window to be open slightly but
not opened wide enough for someone to climb in.

4. Patio Door Locks - Additional for top and bottom of patio doors.

5. Kickstop London Bar - Metal bar screwed to frame which strengthens it
to resist kicking and forced entry.

6. Hinge Bolts - To strengthen the hinge side of a door.

7. Spy hole or chain - so you can see who is outside before opening door

8. Back garden security lights - Automatically light when anyone comes

9. Trellis (flimsy) around top of fence - Recommended by Crime
Prevention Office as deterrent to intruders

10. Hasp Staple Lock and Padlock - Additional lock and security for
garden shed.

I've included some links that might give you some security ideas:

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